Kramer K5025 – K5065T

Key features:

  • All-wheel steering
  • One-piece chassis
  • Models include: K5025, K5035, K5055, K5065, K5065T
Make: Kramer,
Equipment Type: Loader,
Fuel Type: Diesel,

Kramer 5025-5065T – 0.25m cube buckets to 0.65m cube buckets

The compact genius among wheel loaders

The most compact wheel loader is part of the 5 series and is characterised by the time-tested and proven principle of one-piece chassis and the all-wheel steering. Due to its drive on four-wheel hub engines, the mini loader 5025 in particular attains an incomparable dynamic. At the same time, the centre of gravity sits lower, which in turn increases stability. The clearance height of less than 2 m means that, for example, work can be carried out effortlessly in underground car parks. Due to its compact dimensions and the low shipping weight, the wheel loader can be transported with a 3.5 t trailer.


Please note – the 5065T is no longer available and has been discontinued.

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