Crown TSP Series

Crown TSP6500

Key features:

  • Exceptional capacity and height
  • Long-term reliability
Make: Crown,
Equipment Type: Narrow Aisle,
Fuel Type: Electric,

Set A New Pace with Crown’s VNA Truck Series

The TSP Series VNA truck maximises cube utilisation throughout the warehouse. Exceptional travel speed, capacity and height combined with an industry-leading, heavy-duty mast deliver optimal performance and long-term reliability.

Reach Maximum Capacity

The TSP Series VNA truck features a stronger mast, higher reach, and narrow footprint; allowing you to make the most of your storage space.

Crown’s exclusive MonoLift mast provides the stability needed for operators and loads up to six floors in the air.

The MonoLift mast includes strengthened boxed-in sections and heavy-gauge steel. As a result, there’s less twisting and swaying than with traditional, dual upright masts.

Performance to Optimise Every Cycle

With the TSP Series VNA truck, you can travel, lift and handle loads faster and run longer – for maximum throughput. Faster travel and quicker pivot and traverse speeds ensure efficiency in every cycle.

For even greater productivity, advanced features such as the optional Auto Positioning System enable the TSP Series to take the most effective route to the next rack location, increasing productivity by up to 25 percent. The TSP Series’ optional Auto Fence helps promote safety by automatically slowing travel speed, stopping, or limiting lift height within the VNA (very narrow aisle) based on the location of the truck.

Also contributing to overall performance, the Regen Lower System recaptures lost energy while larger batteries provide access to more power, fewer battery changes and longer shift life.

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