Hako Sweepmaster 1500RH

Sweepmaster 1500

Key features:

  • Available in battery, LPG, diesel and petrol models
  • Driver’s seat access from both sides
  • Powerful drive motors
Make: Hako,
Equipment Type: Sweeper,
Fuel Type: Diesel, Electric, Petrol,


The Sweepmaster 1500 RH is a large, powerful vacuum sweeper suitable for even the toughest of applications. Able to achieve a 16,200 m2/h coverage rate. With options for indoor and outdoor use via it’s optional power sources and the ability to clean multi-story carparks with inclines.

Excellent filtration systems provide dust free environments for everyone around. It is easy to maintain for example the main brush has a wear compensation system allowing the full brush to be used. The Sweepmasters have a long service life and good resale values. It is very simple and comfortable to use. Non electric models can work for 10 hours and the electrical 5 hours.

  • A special winding protection device prevents bearing damage when film and tape are swept up
  • Easy to service; driver’s platform can be pivoted up completely, enabling easy access for maintenance and daily service work
  • ABBA system for automatic adaptation of the waste container to the wear of the brush- the container is filled completely
  • Efficient filter cleaning through the R2S resonance system
  • Single-button operation of all of the most important functions
  • Robust chassis and collision protection

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